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Our Story
Bee & Bloom started with a small idea and a big dream!

I’m Alison and im a florist. I started off in the visual display industry, designing window displays for a big department store in Wellington before eventually finding my way to flowers after a long love affair with nature. I can probably thank my Gran for my love of flowers, one of my earliest memories is looking though her dried flower collection and being amazed at their beauty, she was a skilled arranger and the honesty pods in my logo are a tribute to her.

I learnt the basic skills of floristry from an amazing tutor here in Kapiti and worked briefly in the industry where I realised pretty quickly that I wanted to bring beautiful, fresh flowers to people, free of sprays and chemicals with zero plastic wrapping or air miles, it was there that Bee & Bloom was born.
When we moved to the Kapiti Coast in May 2018 I put on my wellies and started digging. I sold my first bunch of home-grown flowers in December 2018 and things took off pretty swiftly after that!

We are now in our third growing season which runs from September to May. Our spring flowers include Freesia (Grans favourite) Ranunculus and Tulips. When summer arrives the garden picks up its pace! We grow many garden favourites, specialising in dahlias along with annuals such as snap dragons, zinnia, cosmos, larkspur and many others. We compost all of our garden wastage, recycle everything that we can, and our worm farm turns our scraps into liquid gold for our hungry flowers.

We believe that our natural environment is precious and wish our impact upon the earth to be purely beneficial. I love being able to share the flowers that I have nurtured and grown with people, and the best part of it all is the look on peoples faces when they see them.

Without bees there would be no food, flowers or life. We support bees and pollinating insects through being aware of what and how we grow. We are members of the National Bumble Bee Trust who work to spread awareness of this remarkable creature through much needed donations.

Our name is very special to us! Im originally from Manchester UK (and proud!) and the worker bee is the symbol of Manchester and its industrial heritage.

We have our own hive of honey bees who have been with us for a year now, we hope to harvest and sell floral honey next year. Follow us on FB and Insta to see our latest news


At Bee & Bloom Florist and Flower Garden we grow beautiful, seasonal flowers on our property in Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti Coast