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"Flowers in all forms bring so much joy to peoples lives, its the reason I do what I do"

Born and bred in a small town south of Manchester UK, Alison started off designing window displays at Kirkcaldie and Stains after moving to New Zealand in 2007.  She found her way to flowers after a long love affair with nature, learnt the art of floristry and quickly realised that the world needed more flowers and less chemicals and plastic.
It was here that Bee & Bloom was born...

"We moved to the Kapiti Coast in May 2018 with our young son.  When he napped during the day I would run outside and start digging. I had one goal: To grow as many flowers as I could.  I started my mini flower farm from the ground up – literally! I sold my first bunch of home-grown flowers in December 2018 and things took off pretty swiftly after that".​


So why flowers? "I can probably thank my Gran for my love of them, one of my earliest memories is looking though her dried flower collection and being amazed at their beauty, she was a skilled arranger and the honesty pods in my logo are a tribute to her".

At Bee & Bloom we practice eco-floristry - So what does this mean? 
We have never, and will never, use chemical sprays on our flowers.  We use paper and twine to wrap our bouquets, glass jars to hold water and do not use toxic floral foam as it breaks down into micro-plastics
We support bees and pollinating insects through being aware of what and how we grow and use biological methods such as introducing beneficial insects to control pests.

​Our spring flowers include Freesia (Grans favourite) anemone and tulips and all the summer faves such as cosmos, dahlia, zinnia and many more. Our fresh flower season runs from September to May and we deliver throughout the Kapiti Coast.

We would love to have you follow us on our journey! Please check out our social media pages or contact us

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