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Potting On - What to do next

You sowed some seeds and they germinated! If you've been growing them for about 4 weeks they will be fast outgrowing their home. Its time to take the next step... Potting on is a term which relates to removing the seedling from where it started off, transferring it to a bigger container. The seedling will in turn become larger and more sturdy, ready for planting out in the garden. When do I do it? There's no text book answer here BUT as a general guide, wait until the seedling is big enough to handle, the seedlings in my video are about 3-5 weeks old. The cotyledon is the first set of tiny leaves that appear after your seed germinates, the next set are the 'true' leaves meaning they have the characteristics of the actual plant.

Potting On - What you will need:

  • Growing medium, I use a 50/50 mix of potting soil and compost (use in a ventilated area preferably outside - wear a mask and gloves, wash hands after use)

  • Containers, examples include 6 cell plastic punnets you find at the garden centre (you can find these for free at M10). Other plastic pots are fine just make sure they have drainage and are a size up.

  • Something to make a hole like a pencil

  • More labels, you'll be bumping up numerous seedlings and each new pot will need a label

Ok so now you're ready for the best part lets bump up those babies! Watch the video here:

Key Points:

  • I've filled my punnets with fresh soil mix, watered them and made holes in each using an old pen.

  • Watering them first helps with transplanting as the mix stays nice and firm throughout.

  • I'm removing the seedlings very carefully using a lolly stick to dig around underneath the plant loosening the roots so i can lift it out.

  • I'm holding the plant by the leaves and not the roots.

  • Carefully I'm lowering the seedling into the hole in the soil mix and very lightly firming the soil around it, I'm not being forceful at any point.

  • After I've transplanted them all I will give them a light water and leave to settle in. Hopefully this is helpful and you feel confident at potting on your seedlings, this is the technique I use for all of my seedlings. It does take a bit of practice so keep going! Any questions at all please comment or message me im happy to help "The world needs more flowers"

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